How To Split Screen On Mac : 4 Easy & Simple Steps

Most people work on two to three windows at once, especially when they do their office job at home. For instance, you open various tabs to write something in your document by browsing the internet. Simultaneously you need to fill in data in your spreadsheet.

So going back and forth from one window to another is quite frustrating and reduces your work efficiency.

Fortunately, MAC offers a split screen option to make your work easy. A split screen is one of the best ways to get rid of the solution. You can find two windows on one screen and work productively.

The article discusses how to split screen on Mac. So, keep scrolling through this article to learn about it in detail.

How To Split Screen On Mac?

Splitting the screen on Mac involves some essential steps. We have discussed below some of the vital steps in splitting screens on Mac. You must follow them to make your work easier while working on MAC.

Step 1: Open Two Or More Windows

Your first duty is opening two or more windows you want to pair as split screens. For instance, you want a document, an excel sheet, and a browser window as a split screen.

You must pick the first window first and look to the upper portion, mainly the left of the first window. There will be three dots, i.e., red, yellow, and green, which greatly help control the window.

Step 2:Take Your Cursor To The Green Dot.

Move your cursor to the green dot and click on it. You will find that three will be three options on the drop-down menu, 

  • enter full screen
  •  tile window to the left of the screen
  •  tile window to the right of the screen.

You can choose either window to the left or right of your screen, and it will appear accordingly. You will observe that the rest all the windows will appear on another half of the Mac screen. 

Now you must click on the windows you want to make the other half of the Mac screen. Now you can see both the windows together and start working efficiently. 

Sometimes you don’t want to know how you have arranged windows on the Mac screen. You want the left window to appear on the right and the right window on the left of the screen.

 Well, you can do it within a couple of seconds. You just have to hold the menu bar of the particular window by the cursor and drag it to the side where you want to move.

Do you think where you will find the menu bar? The Mac hides the menu bar when you split the screen. Well, you can move to move the cursor to the upper end of the screen, and the menu bar will reappear on the screen.

Step 3:Adjust The View

Now you have split the screen into two halves. But that does mean that each of the windows has divided the screen equally in two halves. You need to hold the divider line (a black line in the middle of the two screens)and slide either to the left or right to adjust the screen. 

It is useful when you try to visualize a web page along with your excel sheet on the side.

If the windows appear too small for you, you have to adjust the resolution as per your choice.

Step 4:Exit From The Split Screen

If you want to leave the split screen mode, press ESC or move the cursor to the top of the screen and click on the green dot on any of the windows. You will find that the windows have returned to their original position. 

If you want to close the windows, click on the red dot. What do you think about the other window? Don’t panic. The other window is open but hidden. You have to press F3, which is present on the top of the keyboard.

Now you will visualize two things on your Mac screen, i.e., the Desktop and the window, which was there in split screen mode. Now click that window and use the green dot, which is located on the upper left to exit from the full screen.

Some people want more than two screens to appear on their Mac screen. You can do it easily by simply adjusting the windows manually so that they will resize, and you can easily fit three to four windows on one screen. But your Mac screen will look clumsy and may confuse you while working.

What is the shortcut for the split screen on Mac?

You have to first put the window in full-screen mode by pressing control + Command + F. Press F3 to drag one app into another, which you have in full-screen mode.

Click back, and you will be in split-screen mode.

If that is too hard for you, you can create your shortcut for a split screen. But for this, you must go to system preferences, keyboard, shortcuts, and app shortcuts. Press the + button and write there Tile window to the left of the screen by giving your desired shortcut.

Once the shortcut activates, the opening window will move to the left of the Mac screen. You have to select the second window, which will automatically fit on the other part of the screen.

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You usually do multiple works while working on Mac, and it may frustrate you within less time. We have discussed the above step by step on how to split screen on Mac and hope it will help you to make your multitasking work easier.

After learning the above steps, you can work on various windows like a breeze. If you still have any queries, ask us in the comment section. We will be glad to answer your questions.

FAQ : How To Split Screen On Mac

Q1. How can I split the screen on Mac without a full screen?

Ans : Some people don’t like the full-screen mode of the window on split screen view on Mac. You can manually resize any window by dragging either to the side or corner of any window. This process lets you fit more than two windows at a time on a Mac screen. But remember that fitting more than windows on a Mac screen will not look visually good.

Q2. Why can’t I split the screen on Mac?

Ans : You have to first open the system settings application by clicking on the Apple menu. You can then see Desktop and dock written on the sidebar. 

Q3. What is a split screen?

Ans : A split screen is a technique of moving two or more windows on a single screen. It will help to make your work easier and more efficient.

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