How To Track Someone’s Location On iPhone : 6 Ways

Tracking someone’s location on your phone may seem invasive, but it can benefit the tracker and the person who will be tracked.

For instance, you are a parent, and you are concerned about the location and safety of your child. In such cases, Tracking your child’s location ensures that the child will return home safely. Again, if you suspect your life partner is cheating, tracking location can help clear your doubt.

Tracking location even helps when some of your close ones are lost in a crowded place.

There are numerous reasons for tracking location, and it ensures the safety of near and dearones. 

The article describes various methods how to track someone’s location on iPhone. So, keep reading this article to know how we can track the location of our near and dear ones.

How To Track Someone’s Location On iPhone?

You can track someone’s location on iPhone easily by following any of the methods described below.

Method 1: Use Find My App For Tracking

1. Open Find My App 

The Find my app option is preinstalled on most iPhone devices. You need to open the Find My app. Pulling the screen is one of the easiest ways to find this app. You can type Find my app on the search bar. Once the icon appears, you need to tap on it.

2. Follow On Screen Instructions

You need to click on the People tab, usually at the bottom of your screen. If you are using this app for the first time, and have not shared your location with any of your friends or family members, click Start sharing my location.

But if you are not using the app for the first time, click on the plus sign and tap on Share my location. You will be redirected to another page with contacts of people saved on your iPhone. Now select the person you want to share your location with and click the send button.

Choose the time you want to share the location with that person. For instance, you can choose one hour, end of the day, or indefinitely. You can choose according to your preferences.

3. Recipient Is Informed 

The notifications will be sent to the person you wish to share the location with. The person needs to accept the notification and follow the onscreen instructions so that he can send back his location.

You can set a notification to know next time when the person arrives, leaves, or is not in that particular location. 

Method 2: Find My iPhone App

Find My iPhone is another exciting app added to all the latest iPhones and Apple devices. This feature is mainly helpful for those people who have lost their iPhones, or someone has stolen their device. 

But remember that if you wish to locate someone through your iPhone using this feature, the targetted device should be connected to your iCloud account.

You need to follow the below procedures for tracking.

  • Go to your device’s settings and then iCloud, and finally, turn on the Find My iPhone feature.
  • You have to visit the website on iCloud each time while tracking someone’s location. You must sign in to your iCloud account, which is connected to the device.
  • Once you sign into the iCloud account, you will find the Find My iPhone option.
  • There will be a list of various devices connected to your account.
  • You need to tap on the device which you wish to locate.
  • The app displays the accurate location of any ios device. It is even simple to use. But your kids can fool you by switching off the Find My iPhone feature on their ios device.

Method 3: Use Famisafe

Failsafe is the next best way to track someone’s location without being detected. The best thing is it runs on Windows, Android, and ios devices. It is the best app for parents to monitor their children.

 You can track your child’s location and check location history, restrict online activities, browsing history, and many more. In short, the app lets you know how your kid uses the iPhone.

To check your child’s location, you need to follow the below procedures.

  • You have to visit the Apple store and download the Famisafe app.
  • The parents should download it on their phones and their kid’s phone.
  • The parents need to open the app and register.
  • Parents can register either on their iPhones or their kid’s iPhones. The account will be same for both parents and kids.
  • Open the Famisafe app now and track the exact location of your child.

Method 4: Find My Friends App

Apple provides another exciting feature, i.e., the Find my friend app, which helps track the location of someone. However, the tracker and one you will track should have an ios device. You need to follow the below instructions to monitor the location.

  • Tap the find my friends app option on your device and go to your profile. 
  • Switch on the location-sharing feature.
  • Go back and then tap on add friends option. You must add the names of the person whose location you wish to track.
  • Send the request to the person whose location you want to track.
  • We will recommend you take the tracker’s iPhone and accept the request.
  • Remember, the trackers iPhone should also have the Find my friends app. You must also switch on the location-sharing option in your tracker’s iPhone.
  • Try to enable notifications on the tracker’s iPhone so you can know when he arrives and leaves.
  • Now you have completed the process. Click on the app, tap the tracker’s name, and find the track location.
  • It is a straightforward procedure. But you cannot track location if the tracker switches off the location-sharing feature.

Method 5: iMessage App

The iMessage app allows you to track the location of your friends and family members. You need to follow the below instructions to track the location.

  • Take the tracker’s iPhone and open the iMessage app.
  • Create a conversation with you.
  • Now tap on the contact icon and then on the info.
  • Tap on the share on location button.
  • Select time, i.e., share location for one hour, at the end of the day, or indefinitely.
  • Once you select, tap on Done.
  • You will receive a notification on your iPhone.
  • Tap on it to view the location.
  • Remember, the iMessage app needs to be installed both on your iPhone and on the one whose location you wish to track.
  • The procedure is simple and completely free. You can easily track the location of someone. But there are some disadvantages. The person whose location you wish to track can switch off the location feature. Again both the tracker and the one to whom you will track should have iPhones.

Method 6: Use MSpy App

You can use another third-party tool, i.e., the Mspy app, to track location, check messages and calls, and restrict online activities. You can even check the latitude, longitude, and location time of the person you wish to track. 

You have to follow the below instructions for using the Mspy app.

  • Visit the Mspy website.
  • Register an account and confirm it with your email.
  • You need to enter the iCloud credentials of the person you wish to track in the MSpy dashboard.
  • Mspy will sync data and provide the exact location of the person you desire to track.

This app is helpful for parents as they can easily monitor their child’s activity. But you need to have a subscription plan to use this app.

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It may sound creepy when you want to track someone’s location on your iPhone. But it is helpful for you and the person you wish to track. We have listed various apps above which can help track someone’s location. 

Some apps are free to use, while others, like the Mspy app, need a subscription plan to reap benefits.

Thank you for reading this article.

FAQ : How To Track Someone’s Location On iPhone

Q1. Can you track an iPhone that is off?

Ans : You can track the location of the iPhone is switched off but has a battery. But remember, the Find My app should be enabled on that iPhone.

Q2. How can I see location history on an iPhone?

Ans : – Open the settings app on your iPhone.
– Click on privacy and then location services, and then on system services.
– Now go down and click on significant locations.
– Now you can see the location history.

Q3.  Why can’t I see my friend’s location on an iPhone?

Ans : You cannot see your friend’s location on your iPhone for numerous reasons. We are listing them below.
-Your friend may have switched off the location-sharing feature on his iPhone.
-Your friend’s iPhone is not connected to wifi or a cellular network.
-There may be some issues with your friend’s iPhone.

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